At Tuckerman, we invest in support of an experienced executive team and/or an independent private equity sponsor in each of our investments.  We use the term “Deal Partner” to describe these partners.  We utilize our network of Deal Partners to develop investment theses and identify suitable opportunities, and work with a Deal Partner group throughout the life of each investment. 

Tuckerman’s Deal Partners are independent private equity sponsors and/or experienced executives who are seeking to acquire a niche industrial company but lack a dedicated pool of capital to fund these investments.  Our Deal Partners possess value-added skills that enhance our insight into a given investment thesis and contribute substantially to our efforts to build and improve the companies in which we invest.

Deal Partners play a leading role in the life of a Tuckerman investment: from identifying an opportunity, to functioning as an active member of the board of that company, to augmenting the company’s management capabilities.  As compensation, Deal Partners receive a meaningful equity stake in the business, a closing fee, and an ongoing management fee from the acquired company.

We are always searching for exceptional Deal Partners who are looking for a value-added acquisition partner and capital provider.  If you are interested in learning more about this role and how we work with our Deal Partners, please contact us directly.